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Slaves of Death - text


Side by side we walked for glory, for victory, for war
Best friends for years
We knew each other
No one can beat us
So we thought

Then came the day when force surprised us
They came by night, they came to fight
Black men of three on their black horses
Were riding through the sky

Fight a fight that no one can win
Cause no one can beat the death
Death welcomes with open arms
To show you the power of the dead

Bombs fall like rain
Dust in my eyes
Everywhere are broken men
Then I see you

I walked through blood
I ran through bodies, bones and limbs
Limbs that are lost and crushed by a blast
The last I reached was you
I kneeled down and cried
Damn, why you had to die?

Torture and pain left in my brain

And blood on my hands
I looked to the sky and screamed
But what I saw cuts my breath
Around there was no one but me

I can’t believe
Am I the only one who lives?
The only one who lives?

As years passed by I’d learned to forget
I’d learned to cover this pain inside
But in some nights my memory comes back
Then shadow-demons make me cry

Cry but now you’re finally free
And no more a slave of death

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