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Summoning (Ft. Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia) - text

I conjure the spirits to do my bidding
Invisible to the naked eye
Their shadows cast as giants by the raging fire
All hail the lord of the Mire
Dispersion of the shadows
Ascending through the trees
They will bring the guilty to their knees
Avenge my family
Did you think that I'd forget the night you hung my family from a tree?
The night of the fire, I survived and gave my life to the Mire
Cast upon your walls
Creeping through the halls
The spirits haunt you
They bleed into your dreams
Creeping up the sheets like a poisonous spider
Weeping and gnashing your teeth
As they crawl into your mouth you open wider
Boils cover your body
Bursting open and bleeding
While the flies swarm the wounds
The eggs hatch into maggots

No one will be spared
Every mother and child will suffer
next to their fathers as my family did
every household will be flooded with my revenge
forever suffering a curse that you brought onto yourselves

I will let you live, only to suffer
I will let you live, only to suffer
You all will suffer

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