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Where my baes at? - text

I'm about to break it down!
Wickey! Wickey!
Here we go!

Every time I look around
All I ever see
Is people being jealous
And they wanna look like me

I got Tyler, Ricky, Flula, Joshua, and Joey too
My uncle and Lohanthony
But I'm my favorite boo

I got a lot more
But I forgot who they are
Sorry not sorry
I'm just a super star

I got lots of baes
And you wonderin' how I do
Take a little listen
And I'll find a bae for you

Hey, where my baes at?
Where my baes at?
I got so many bae's man
I'll teach you how to get one too

But first let's do a dance break
Break it down
Here we go
This is how I twerk
Lookin' sexy
What up! What up!
Okay, this dance break is long enough. Can we keep going?

If you really want a bae
Here is what you do
Wear lots of lipstick
And hold in all your poo

Sing to him lots
And tell him that you're great
Bring a daddy saddle
On your first date

Call him every night
And call him every morn'
Hide outside his window
And don't dress porn

Tell him he's your bae
And he's got no choice
But most importantly
Don't forget to keep it moist

Hey, where my baes at?
Where my baes at?
Hey, where my baes at?
Now you can get one too

Hey, where my baes at?
Where my baes at?
I got so many baes, girl
Now you can get one to

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