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[Verse 1]
What up, everybody? New year, new me
You can smell me coming like asparagus pee
I'm so sexy, I'm just like a zit
'Cause that's what everybody stares at and you wanna touch it
You might say I'm extra, but I hate that gum
Haters back off! Can you read my bum?
I'm so lit, burning hot like a rash
Put your hands in the air if you're Miranda trash!
You see me walkin' by and you are shook
You're lookin' at my moves and you are shook
You look at my lips are you are shook
I look in the mirror and I am shook
[Verse 2]
Rain drop, drop top, I'm my own mascot
Never gonna be a flop, Imma rise to the top
If life were a litter box, I would be the poo
And you'd be the tiny pebbles that I stick to
Now that I think about it, you would be the poo
And I would be the cat that disposed of you
You can call me savage, you can call me shady
But I'm a woman of The Lord and I'm a pure lady

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