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Do The Miranda! - text

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Alright, alright, alright
Miranda Sings in the house!
Let's break it down, y'all
Alright, here we go!
Hey you, over there with the porn hair,
I've got what you need.
Hey you there, bro with the camel toe,
Come on, just follow my lead!
A new dance is here and I fear, my dear
That you're all looking like hoes.
So cover your backs, and your chesticle cracks
'Cos here is how it goes.
Lift your legs up high,
Poke your neighbour in the eye,
Make a rainbow with the sky,
Then wipe you it 'till it's dry!
Now twerk like me,
But don't make it slutty,
It's as easy as can be,
So follow me!
Let's do it again!
[Backing Vocals]:
Do the Miranda,
Oh, yeah!
Do the Miranda!
Do the Miranda!
Do the Miranda!
Do the Miranda..

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