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Time to Fly - text

Raise your fist
Into the sky
Set the flag
Upon high
Victory comes for us all
Like the lion
In a cage
Being free is but a dream
We need to be finally free
Loser or a slave
I don't want to be
I've learnt to fight and to win
True to my mind
And my broken heart
I will stand up and fight
Time to fly
Into the sky
Open the gates to eternity
Time to fly
Darkness will die
We will burn the sky
Vicious and merciless
Evil-hearted and obscene
Who do you think that you are?
Your empire is supreme
But your aim so naive
You've captured our life with your lies
Coward or weak
I've never been
I'll die for the moments I long
Tyrants should vanish at any cost
We have to be brave and strong

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