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Eternal Twilight - text

Out of Reach
Out of touch for centuries
A lost treasure for mankind
Hidden in Eternal Twilight
Somewhere far beyond
In a land not known to us
In his castle made of stone
Lived a quiet Prince alone
He never stepped out from his room
Didn't want to face the sun
All were damned, insane and cruel
All were demons in disguise
Cold as ice, lived in lies
See their eyes
Only chance to get out from
Eternal Twilight
Is to find the Holy Grail
Lost in centuries
The quiet Prince began
Immediately his hunt
He took five from his servants
Devoted to their King
He never stopped for days and nights
Never slept under sun's light
He would ride his horse and fight
All the demons of the world
With his sword
And his might
And his guild
On the top of a mountain
In a temple obscure
He came across a high priest
Who gave him a Riddle
Answer my question
And the Grail is yours
Be correct in your answer
Or thy life is mine
The quiet Prince got lost in the world of fantasy
The precious answer was his obsession
Will he find what he wants so much?
Will he save his doomed kingdom?
All his fate was on his hands
All the blood of his people was on his hands
A mistake and everything would vanish like dust
in the wind
He had three chances
In the third he would lose
Everything he feared of
Would bring the sad end
He never solved the Grand Question
Never found the Holy Grail
But his battle with all Evil
Washed away the poison
From his soul, from his life
From his land

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