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Remind me not to find you so attractive
Remind me that the world is full of men
When I go to kiss you
To touch your hand, to miss you
Remind me to count to ten

I had a feeling when I met you
You'd drive me crazy if I'd let you
But all my efforts to forget you
Remind me I'm in love again

I get my heart well in hand and I'm certain
That I could take you or leave you alone
Then you begin that beguine again
And, boom, I give in again
I have a will made of steel, my friend
But when it seems about to bend

Remind me not to mention that I love you
Remind me to be sorry that we met
Although I adore you
Remind me to ignore you
That somethings one thing I will regret

So when your spell begins to blind me
I'll simply tie my hands behind me
Don't let me kiss you, please remind me
Unless, my darling, you forget

Text přidal DevilDan


Liza Minnelli texty

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