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On Such a Night as This - text


There's something in the air that you can sense
Elusive but unbearably intense
The stars are hanging there in bright suspense
As they prepare to light immense events
On such a night as this
Did young Lorenzo swear
He'd gladly swim a thousand seas
To please his lady fair?
On such a night
Did Wagner write
'The Evening Star'
'Neath such a moon
Stood Lorna Doone
And Lochinvar
On such a night as this
Did gentle Juliet cry
"Forget that I'm a Capulet
And set me by thy side"?
Hurry, my sweet
Wings on your feet
You mustn't miss
The sheer delight
On such a night
As this
'Twas such a night as this
When Judy Garland swore
"I just adore him
How can I ignore the boy next door?"
On such a night
Did Gershwin write
His Rhapsody?
On such a set
Did young Jeanette
Sing, 'Lover come back to me'?
On such a night as this
Did Robert Taylor sigh
As Garbo gave a little cough
And wandered off to die?
Lately I find
I'm disinclined
To reminisce
Except, perhaps
On such a night as this

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