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Looking at You - text


I've gone afar, collecting objets d'art
I know the whole game by heart
Why, Joe Duveen
Will tell you what I mean
'Twas I who gave him his start
But since I looked, dear, in your direction
I've quite forgotten my art collection
To be exact
You simply prove the fact
That nature's greater than art

Looking at you
While troubles are fleeing
I'm admiring the view
'Cause it's you I'm seeing
And the sweet honeydew
Of wellbeing settles upon me

What is this light
That shines when you enter
Like a star in the night
And what's to prevent 'er
From destroying my sight
If you centre all of it on me

Looking at you
I'm filled with the essence of
The quintessence of joy
Looking at you
I hear poets tellin' of
Lovely Helen of Troy, darling

Life seemed so grey
I wanted to end it
Till that wonderful day
You started to mend it
And if you'll only stay
Then I'll spend it looking at you

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