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Weekend Warrior - text


Now don't even get me started on Monday
And Tuesday, that went straight to my head
Wednesday. Really? Oh go fuck yourself
And Thursday I'll be in bed

Because Friday here I come
Always your most loyal son
And I've got vengeance written in my eyes
So fill me up, hey where's the wine?
Yo pass the pipe, I need a light

Because I'm a weekend warrior
I'm a weekend warrior

Now Friday night was no surprise
And I hit Saturday in perfect stride
Then Sunday comes with no regrets
It's time to dry out
Oh you wanna bet?
The weekend isn't over yet

Because I'm a weekend warrior
I'm a weekend warrior

I know you hate to love to see me this way
You wanna be there when I need to be saved
But when tomorrow turns out just like today
You'll wish you never let me out of my cage

Oh bitch you're gonna fucking pay

Oh God not again
You said you'd always be my friend
But I'm left standing here all by myself
So take me now if you wanna help

Because they've got hatred written in their eyes
And you know that really comes to my surprise
Ah fuck it because in five days I'm gonna settle the score
Just fill me up the give me more
Give me more

Because I'm a weekend warrior
I'm a weekend warrior

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