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"It's alright! It's alright!"
[Verse 1]
All the locals hide their tears of regret
Open fire cause I love you to death
Sky high with a heartache of stone
You'll never see me cause I'm always alone
[Verse 2]
I'm in love without a trace of dissent
I'll buy the torture cause you pay for the rent
Tied high with a broken command
You're all alone in the promised land
"It's alright! It's alright!"
[Verse 3]
I'm in love with this malicious intent
You've been taken but you don't know it yet
What you will know must never live to be found
Cause it's a subject in the eyes of the clown
What we are looking at
Is good and evil, right and wrong
A new world order (x4)
We're not about to make that same mistake twice
A new world order (x14)

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