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Perceiving The Reality - text

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I‘m digging deeper in my mind
To see the memories of forgotten past
To visit places where I was in my dreams
And thereby found the gate of Eterea
Sometimes I wonder if reality
Is the same as I‘m able to feel it
If her eyes are really that deep
And her intents so crystal clear
Away from here
Where sunlight paints through the rain new days
With dew on my lips and her in my heart
Sometimes I feel I‘m
A little bit confused by
Enormous strength of the moment
The glint in her eyes
Under blinding moonlight
Makes me believe that
there is more beyond this life
I often desire to escape this drap
Of our futile and passing lifes
Observe the innermost essence of space
And feel the beauty of pulsing tides
Now I know that reality
Is something I‘m not able to perceive
That her eyes are not really that deep
And her intents so crystal clear

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