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Through the Open Door - text


Down an empty hall
Darkness staring back at me
As shadows light the way
Blackness makes its call
I cannot make make a move or hold my fear at bay

I imagine the light on the outside
I can never feel too sure
I fight the urge to just hide
I'm trapped forevermore
I can't walk through the open door

Walls are closing in
Always feeling trapped within
Finally I begin
To take a step towards the light
And stop feeling afraid

I imagine my fate if I just tried
How long will endure?
Escaping my fear from the inside
I'd feel free again once more
If I just walk through the open door

In the end, I have tried
Answering the questions that torment my mind
My thoughts have always led me astray
In time, I will find
I've overcome the boundaries that confine
And all the fear fades away...

And the walls that I feared release me
I'm safe and now I'm sure
Fear no longer controls what I see
I've won this crucial war
Now I'll walk through the open door

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