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In the blink of an eye I knew it all had changed
To my surprise everything felt so strange
With the sound of the words that cut me
You took it all – the frame that held my sanity
Now I feel that I can’t breathe (can’t breathe)
Disbelief overcomes me – this can’t be happening
Now I feel that I can’t see (can’t see)
Anger consumes my mind and is overloading me
How could I know?
How can I trust?
How could you go?
Face it I must, oh...
Like a brick it hit me, without a sound
Like a hand that slapped me to the ground
Anger pushes the pain and fear aside
Like a bomb went off with nowhere to hide
How to turn back this time (this time)
Just one more word, I think I’d know just what to say
How to turn back and rewind (rewind)
Just one more day with unspoken promises known
How could I know?
How can I trust?
How could you go?
Face it I must
Guilt could change what’s lost and gone (lost and gone)
The urge to fix this mess is all I see
Can’t move on
One more moment to hold in my hands
The only moment to know where my fate stands
Can’t fight the future of choices I can’t make
Can’t fight the future of roads I can no longer take
Holding on
Holding you
Holding out for the ending
I want to be true
Holding back
Never being free!

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