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Stumbling through a twisting maze
Struggling to see through this haze I know
Around I go
Fleeing from an unknown bind through twists and turns
I look behind in doubt
Can’t live without
(Slipping off the edge)
Slipping off the edge
Leaning from the ledge
(Leaning from the ledge)
Of what is taunting me
My mind feels like an open book
The mystery ending that took you away
Now I pay!
Adrift upon a shoreless sea
Of fear that’s slowly strangling me inside
I can’t hide
How can I see?
How can I clear my view?
When these visions haunt me like a twisted dream
Afloat but barely gaining ground
My soul is shattered
My heart rebound and frayed
Feeling betrayed
A cage that’s locked – can’t find the key
It’s feeding my insanity inside
This raging tide
(Floating through a dream)
Floating through a dream
A nightmare as it seems
(A nightmare as it seems)
And still it’s haunting me
(There must be an end)
There must be an end
And yet I play pretend
(And yet I play pretend)
Inside my fantasy
How can I breathe?
How can I reach the shore?
When the waves are climbing high above my head
The water’s circling around me now
And these waves that surround me
Are the waves that will drown me
Should I?
Could I take the fall?
Should I?
Could I?
I will believe that there’s hope
I can learn to change my destiny

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