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Oblio... Rules my dreams
Make believe... Or reality

Every night my pain
Cry for a soul's forgiveness

Reason... Scream in silence
Mind inebriate... Can't feel my tears

Every step I chase
I can't escape and I turn back

For every time I close my eyes
A lady appears and singing blue words...

" Give me your eyes
So I might see
The Blind man kissing my hands
Don't look the way
But follow your heart! "

These cold words are burning
I can't picture what she said
Green eyes... that sight,
A shiver from my heart
Behavior... of my sensation
Sad future is in my head
In the abyss of my secret dream....

My Dream... Take me in a new place
Wandering... In the Land of Soul

I see those eyes again
Want that blinding glare

Her cold words, I'm thinking
Obsession in my mind
Green eyes, that sight
Every night I search for it
It's just real! I follow evil pain
A mad future is in the tray
In the abyss of my Secret love....

.... A warm sunshine
Awakes me from bed
A Holy Light
Brightens my face

I wish her green eyes
Even every night
Her mystical sight
Looks at me deeply

Wonderful Lady
Escape from the abyss of my mind

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Journey of a Rough Diamond

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