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Citizen of Greed - text


Long time ago there was a rich man
Who everybody knew
And Forster Kane was
His name and died... talkin' to a crystal ball

Nobody gave him what he called:
A little wish in the night
Nobody realized his dreams:
...a little words on his lips

Rosebud you need...
Little butterfly in the ocean of life
Rosebud you need...
'Cause you've been a citizen of greed

"Legendary was the castle... Xanadu
Where the Kubla Kan decreed his
Stately pleasure dome
Where time five miles of fertile ground
With walls and towers (were) girdled 'round"

So... you have always been
Sure that... money can...
Everything in life empire upon an empire
You built a palace for your wife
Fourth power in your life

Nobody helped you in looking for
Anything you had was not enough...

Rosebud you need...
Just a little blossom of a moment in time
Rosebud you need...
You have always been the citizen of greed

Nobody can say what he wants
A little wish in my life.../ never enough!
I'm trustin' her... love!

Rosebud you need...
Just a... little sledge to run a better life
Rosebud you need...
'Cause you've been a citizen of greed

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