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Think of all the ways
You celebrate your weakness
Can\'t stop doing it
Or pretend you\'re painless

It could be a little moment
A blink of the closing eye
Before your hunt begins
To satisfy again tonight

Line of your sweating body
A shortcut on my way to hell
Luring scent of your womb
A symbol of stained paradise

Solicitous voice of your lips
An invitation to Seventh Heaven
The game of your swaying hips
Strength falls down to the bottom

I\'m losing control
With every shallow breath
I\'m losing my mind
With every craving touch
I\'m turning insane
With every carnal move

A veil of darkened hair
Hiding your ironic smile
Just give me what I came for
And then I\'m all yours to take

Fill up all my desires
I will do as you please
Your wish is my law
So give me what I need

Text přidala Carrgormia


Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay texty

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