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Living your common life
Day by day, all the time
It all becomes the same

Tired and bored
Tortured and confused
Do you know what to do?

Work hard to earn your money
Get food to eat and feed
Go to church, pay your fees

Frustration fills you up inside
Stereotype beats you down
Grey over a greyer grey
Born - live - die!

One day you\'ll get sick of it all
What will happen then?
Who will be punished?

Who will become your victim?
Think of it right now, man...
\'Cause this is the day!

Reach the break point
Fury - cry of your children
Rage - suffering for your wife

Unchained anger explodes
In the mindless moment of hate
Everything is gone now - it\'s too late

Text přidala Carrgormia


Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay texty

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