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Slumber, snoring deep inside
Daily reality left behind
in the realms of inner senses
Hidden away from the masses
Locked within and slowly breeding
Gaining strength or disappearing
This is how it comes out at last
It's never happening too fast

Strangest feeling...
It's misleading

Infinite hunger
Search for the truth
Longing will always
Bring forbidden fruit

And when it comes to daylight
Feelings start another fight
Where goodness was, evil dwells
One more time for same duels
Things are quickly changing
What was light darkening
For one paranoid reason
Hatred rules another season

Again bleeding
Can't wait for some
More Lie-feeding

In the blink of an eye
Truth is the lie
Better trust no one
Kiss them goodbye

Text přidala kajuNka39

Video přidala Carrgormia

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