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Hear the crying of the Aar hear from the end it isn't far
Hear the Normens crying hear the tales of the one eyed Ai
The awakening brings the end there if no one who could stand
There is no one who will pray on this execution day
Fear the end
Hear the roaring of Gjallahorn fear the end a storm is born
A bestial horde comes from Mulpelheimen and the sun never will be shining
See Hel's deadly mark free Oskopnir he is still dark
The wolf hunts the moon the is coming soon
The ocean dark and deep there sleeps a beast more then thousand feet
Sürties flame is burning nigh burning up through the sky
The earth will quake Bifröst will break
The time will end and there is no one who could stand
Fear the end
To fight we are born to fight we have sworn
To die in agony slayn by the warriors of destiny

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