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I just came out of the muthafuckin old school
Got my mac notebook with the pro tools
Ya'll bitches ain't ready for nicki lewensky
Bad WOOF WOOF flyer then a frisby
So I'm up in [? ] eating mangos
Keep a couple pink toes in my sandals
Got some bangles all over my ankles
Such a star they say wen I star spangle
But for buh; buh; buh; buh -
I I I I am the the the rap henna
Ma mon montana so fix your antenna
I keep three hoes but don't call me Santa
And I am flyer den reindeers in da winter
I get crazyyy
I get crazyyy
[Nicki minaj:]
So I got the bad bitch mentality cause I just came frorm another galaxy
I be with the president up in the white house
If we in the oval office then the lights out.
Cause I am the wicked witch I'm the nickster
And I keep a bad bitch on my jickster
But I leave her in a second for a thick qrl
Rockstar little mama with a guitar
I am nicki el-em-en-oh-wensky
I mean my name ring bells like tinky
I mean tinker
Tell that nigga link her
Cause I'm looking for some good brains from a thinker
1 2 3rd Floor .
Hospital Boundd .
Neqqass Is Doors && I Knockk Neqqas Down .
Straiqht Jackett Crookedd I Hear You Lukinqq .
I Promisee I'm Hardd I Swear You PussYy .
I Aintt Crazyy No Yes I Am .
Riqht Upp In Thaa Coo Coo Nestt I Landd .
I'm Fly Now Eat Ma BirdShxtt .
Yea I'm Crazyy . I'm Crazyy Bouh Your Bxtch .
Wildd AniMall On Ma BeWilderedd Shxtt .
I Love Brain So I'm Lukinqq For a nerd bitch
It's nicki minaj, da superb witch
And weezy f. baby, no weezy f

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