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Don't Even Know How, I Imagined All That You Would Give Me, Blue Sunday
It Seemed Like A Sure Start And Then I Hit The Ground
If You Wrote This Play, I Know I Should Not Bother, Blue Sunday
Your Kisses Felt Better Than The Fists Of Your Man
The Sooner I'm Gone The Better,
I'll Leave Somehow
Bad Moon Rises All Over Here,
Won't Be Buried Here Around
No More Freakin' Out, That's For Sure,
Took My Lavehter & All time,
These Things I Did Love Up Here,
Now I'm Worried All Around, Laughter
So Tell Me A Place, Somewhere It Really Fits Me,
Blue Sunday
If Brains Come Before The Heart,
I Always Loose My Ground
It's Always The Same, Never Been
Anywhere They Would Let Me,
Blue Sunday
Get Just Enough Far, I Always Felt Too Bound
The Sooner I'm Gone The Better, No Question About Time
After All It's More About What My Wallet Allows
I'll Keep Runnin' Up And Down Without A Hint What's In
Or Out And I Will Stay
Stuck In The Middle Of Nowhere, Far Out Of My Amplitude,
In A Hurry, In A Hurry Makin' Tonecalls And Blue Sunshine,
Love No Jokers On The Way, Once I'll Stop'N' You'll Say
With Your Eyes;You'll Always Stay.
You Can't Bury The Dead Moon

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