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This is for her. Yea.

[Verse 1: Jae Millz]
Hair like Pocahontas, heart solid gold
She been with' me since day one, that's how a nigga know
Chanel shoulder bag, matching open toes
No shimmering lotion on, she still got that glow
I remember them days ordering chicken and broccoli
Not even two orders, we shared one proudly
You ain't never leave me when the money got low
So I'm a make sure our condo on the top flo'
Can't nobody break this bond that we got, and that I know
We both got a past but that don't matter though
Trying to tell me something about my lady please don't
Because even if this money disappeared, she won't

When she stressed out, I bring the calm out her
We been alright, so you can't tell me nothing wrong bout' her
If she left, don't know how far I'd make it along without her
Love her so much I took the time to write a song about her
Yea that's my baby, and I'm hers too
I was out, yea, and she was too
But that's my baby, and I'm her's too
I was reckless and her heart still let love through

[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
Eyes like Kimora, heart solid gold
She been with me since day one, that's how a nigga know
Critiqued all my songs fresh out the studio
Even kept it real and told me when something wasn't a go
Even helped me put my outfits together before my shows
No, I don't just love her, I love her so damn much
I could see myself one day in a tux'
Baby brother and my homies dressed up
I pray the Lord bless us
And never let this lime-light separate us
And VH1, sorry, ya'll can never tape us
I'll be damned if a reality show,
Show my breakup or be the reason we breakup, uh uh


[Verse 3: Jae Millz]
Face like the sunset, heart solid gold
She been with me since day one, that's how a nigga know
She my number one fan
And if she was a singer, I'd wanna be in her band
Just so you understand
This is no ordinary love
Sade on repeat, I'm running water in the tub
Using shampoo for bubbles,
But I bet when she walk through the door, just the thought take away her troubles


True story. A hundred percent.
Millzie, yo yo
Grown man talk

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