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My chick bad Remix - text


These bitches think they bad and they better step back
Middle finger in my vag, wet pussy cat
My money stay dirty and my wallet stay thick
Kinda like my man, black, dick

Don't got a big ass but your boyfriend don't care
He hit it from the back while he's pullin' on my hair
Yes I am, and I plea guilty, red, hand
I got a lotta cash and I got a lotta dough
My livers talkin' shit, alcoholic, hoe,
I get what I want and I get what I need
What magic word I don't say please

Ha you think that shit was bad, just wait
Straight outta OC bitch, cali girls, here we go
You think your bitch is bad get ready for this

Don't need a lotta tats to make me look tough
I'm a Millionaire, bitch, that's more than enough
The real bad chicks, come outta OC
Where money makes you wet, wipe it up, Bounty
Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Beamer, Benz or Bently
I got it all, all these niggaz tryna get me
I'm so bad, talk yo shit, I'll send you a pic while he licks my clit
Pound side nudes, pound side fuck

Post that shit, is anyone up
So here we go, this is it, suck our tits
Millionaires bitch

Cheers bitch
(I'm drunk)
Let's get wasted
Orange County, 714 bitch
I'm bad, fuckin' bad bitch

I don't give a fuck, DGAF, bitch
Where my crew at betta holla, quick
Up in the club with my boys, hi
I'm the only bad bitch they want, bye
It's time to get, get, get, get drunk
Then I'll take you home so we can fuck, fuck, fuck
I drink too much, last name Green
Makin' big and poor bitches scream
All real, no cheap weave or implants, feel
Millionaires are here and I know you want more
Mixtape comin' too, get ready, whore

Get ready bitch

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