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Wall of Doubt - text

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You’re off when I am on
You’re up when I am down
We rub each other the wrong way
I want it all when you take none
When you smile I tend to frown
Our situation’s gone astray
We’re stuck behind a wall of doubt
It’s clear that you and I are trying to figure out
How we can reach the other side
In ways where we just don’t have to collide
I add when you subtract
I’m left when you are right
You attack when I try to defend
You’re silent when I’m loud
You like the dark when I need light
You begin when I’m about to end…end this thing
Just like Tom & Jerry you get double trouble when dealing with us
Like Itchy & Scratchy our acting is just way too brusk
Like an old nagging couple we come as a duo cast under a spell
Why we’re still stuck together I guess no one can tell

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