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Some say that nothing lasts forever
But no one knows what happens when you die
So if this is all there is, it’s now or never
Life’s too short to not give it a try
Try your wings, find out if you can fly
I don’t wanna live my life doing stuff I don’t like to do
I just wanna spend my time on creating something true
I don’t wanna live my life just pretending what I’m not
I just wanna spend my time living my life on the spot
I’ve spent my last three years in college
As the oldest guy there I got my degree
I guess it all gave me some kind of knowledge
But anyway I’m still just as naive
Hoping greener grass is still waiting there for me
It’s not about the size of any wallet
It’s not about the fortune or the fame
True brew is what we’d like to call it
It’s a freedom both scary and lovely that you want all the same
True brew will always be the aim
I just wanna live for something true
I don’t care if it’s good enough for you
I just wanna create something true

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True Brew


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