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Hey, what the hell do you want me to do?
hey, does it look like im steady to you?
you might look twice, 'cos im moving
O.K., you see that i can walk where you stood
but still your trying to make me talk like you would
your attention's nice, your improving
for all you know your doing fine
but i guess it shows
that even youll lead our rays to shine
so shut your mouth now big boy
im just myself not your toy
its in my nature to be changing
now listen, so hard to say
you cannot make me to be
someone who never will be changing
so what the hell do you want me to say?
another half ass rhyme, another cliche?
you might be right for this one time
you take for granted "..........."
it doesnt make sense to leave after you
so this one last line makes it rhyme
So how would you know?
I'm just a fool
But I guess that shows
You can't judge a dog just by it's drool
and im loosing you, makes a smile on my face
nothing new, not hard to replace
im loosing you, but im not loosing ground
pik-a-booh, you wont be around, you wont be around
no you wont be around
"cos im changing with time
thats not a crime
someone like you cannot be changing me
i change with time
thats not a crime
its in my nature to be changing

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