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I remember when this was different then a job
for friendship and for fun, in harmony we got it done
we had a good scene going in our hometown Pennybridge
Most of those bands are gone, it can be tough to stand alone
so many times it has been shown

But it looks good, just as it should
feels good, not for me I can't say that yet
not when you're filled up with regret
if I felt good today you know that I would stay

You were my girl until this day
I can't understand you're not anymore
more than two years shared with you
all the things that we've been through
In my memory forever, you'll be there until I die
and though this is the end, I love you more then as friend
doesn't matter it's the end

Everything has it's time and I will sure have mine
so many things that we start almost tear us apart, eventually
everyone has their own way they got to go
so many things that we start with people who brakes our heart
one time, then do the same to another one

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