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I'm holding you as you feel scared and small.
You've lost someone you love and it's her you're thinking of.
It's all that matters to you right now and it will be like this for long.
I'll be close to you, won't hide 'cause I know you need me by your side.
You wanna see her back again.
You wanna see her back into this world.
These past few months have been the toughest of your life.
You've lost someone you love and there's no greater pain above.
I know how close you were you two and the joy and love you shared.
It was sweet for me to see but now it's aching inside me.
If only she could see you now. Deep inside I think she can somehow.
She'd be the happiest mom, she'd be so proud. She'd laugh and smile.
-Shut up you're dreaming ! You're screaming at me loud.
And that's the way you really feel.
Back into this world...

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