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Brain Food - text

I never had a plan of where I’m headed

Struggle to keep a job and make ends meet

End up wasting hours on daytime TV

Cause no one in this town will hire me

Friends are picking up my cofee bills now

Just to get me out of my own room

The daily papers blame our generation

But you and I know that they spoke too soon

I’m stalling

Time wasting

It’s hopeless


There must be something else this place can ofer

Or I’ll be stuck like chewing gum on shoes

Bored and looking for some entertainment

There’s only so much sleeping I can do

I’ve hit the point where I face getting kicked out

Threats aren’t so empty when your moneys dry

Don’t want to live with mum and dad forever

But what’s a dream if you don’t even try

I’m stalling

Time wasting

It’s hopeless


Text přidal grungepuppy

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