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As a boy Cast away by my mother
From the start I was left alone
Raised by fiends and mercenaries
None could tame me Save the Spanish guitar
I sailed to Spain to seek my fortune
I wanted to play the songs of the sea
All at once my pride and my strength were stolen
Chained and beaten Taken, back to Rome
Chains on my wrist
Sword placed in my hands
"I order you to fight"
"I'm waiting for you to die"
Coliseum So majestic and grand
So many deaths All to please one man
Behind that gate
a beast drools for meat
What comes next?
A taste of my blade
Or a slice to the side
Thumbs up or thumbs down, the crowd will decide
All I can hear is the sound of the crowd as I think of home
I must try one more time to bring peace back to Rome
I fight for my life
I kill for the crowd
I trust in my self
I'll die for my God
One more fight
Day after day
My hell is my skill my heart and my mind
All I hear is the sound of ripping flesh
The crowd cheers me on
I'm digging their grave

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