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Miles Beyond - text


In the woods where a mill doth turn
I learned the sacred spells
I swear my sword to the king of kings
And travel through the trees

A woman's voice is calling me
She says "Help me sir, save me please"
"I've fallen in a hole."

So I came to her aid and saw that she was fine
It was a trick of the forest
A game played on my mind

She turned into her true form
And robbed me of my gold
I said "hold there witch, you can't escape
I shan't be made a fool!"

These are the tales of old
When warriors killed for gold

The skies turn gray and the rain doth pour
An army of the dead,
Has come back to life to seek their revenge
Their bones will soon be here

In the woods where a mill doth turn
Is where this hell began
I pack my goods and cast haste!
Let's get the hell out of here

Answering the call of war
As all men must soon do
Death will surely come for me
But by God not right now

Moonlight is now guiding me
A peaceful, gentle glow
If I follow its good face
Will I find my way home?

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