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A Call to Odin - text


Out from the frozen north we come to conquer all
We will never rest until our enemies fall
Be you Saxon be you Celt we don't care
Whoever's in our way must beware
No one can stop us, so don't even try
Those who oppose us will surely die
With our iron swords and our shields
Plundering villages we do as we feel

Whether on foot or on horse
You can't escape the men called Norse
Our Viking hearts are black and frozen
And this is a call, a call to Odin

Our long boats have arrived on your shore
Carrying Nordic warriors, the likes of Thor
Your men will be slaughtered and women will be raped
Your crops will be burned and your gold we will take
We'll conquer this town as we conquered the last
Our kingdom is large and our power is vast
Our Viking seed is all that will stay
To remind you of this horrible day

What makes a man a man?
Is it the sword that he wields in his hand?
Is it fighting the fight of the just and the right?

Or is it conquering, pillaging and murdering in the night
All of these things I have done
For I answered the call of Odin

My sword has killed many a man
Whether they bargained fought or ran
I followed the code to fight and to conquer

I invaded and destroyed every foreign shore
I took until there was no more
If I am wrong my soul will burn
But if I am right I want my turn
I want what is owed to me at the end of my time
I want my resting-place you owe it to me its mine
Odin I beseech you let me walk into the Halls of Valhalla

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