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We got the flame, we should let it burn
It's a shame if we don't, cause god damn it hurt
And oh they call it love, but it don't feel the same
As when we were young Something has changed

And right from the start, you weren't to be tamed
Yeah you ripped it apart by playing your games
And I should've known what lay before me
A rose and a thorn. That you'd make me bleed

And all that I could do was fill my lungs and stoke the flame
I've been here before, but I can't seem to turn away
I've got all my heart in you

It's easy to walk. That's something I know
Cuz I've been doing it so long. Say the words, shut the door
And off on my way, forget what I've seen
And nothing to say for all that we've been

And all…

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