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Whoop, whoop fam - text

Whoop, whoop fam
By: Midnite Angel

I scream whoop, whoop
To the fam cause I’m a
Juggalo and it ain’t hard
To fucking tell look at
My actions cause they
Will surely tell

I hold my homies up
No matter what it takes
Cause they mean everything
To me they never let me
Down in my life so why
Should I let them down

People talk shit I don’t
Care as long as they don’t
Fuck with my homies or
My girls they’re good
Say what you will of me
I’ll always have juggalo family

I’m down with the clown
Until the end of time if
You got a problem with me
Say it cause I will solve it
I hold the hatchet in my
Heart always

I don’t let people
walk over me or
my family so if you
try just know
you are going to DIE

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