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Where I’m from - text

Where I’m from
By: Midnite Angel
Yeah I’m from E-town also known as Easley
I don’t give a damn what my haters want to do me
If you really want to see me then come to E-town
Then we can bang it out all day and all night
But before you leave you will see the light
(Verse 1)
I’m a Juggalo until the day I die
And if you fuck with the family or me then you’ll die
My homies and my family means everything to me
And they know if they need anything to just came and ask me
I’m in the 864 every day and I’ll never leave unless my homies need me
I’m scream whoop whoop to each and every Juggalo and Juggalette out there
And if you are a hater then I will hang you on an upside down cross and burn you there
Because this is how we do it where I’m from
(Verse 2)
People that are where I’m from know it’s not about the money
And they know that I do this shit for only the family
They’ve seen people fuck with me and they’ve seen them cry for fucking with me
I don’t give a damn what they try to do to me
I just keep swinging my hatchet and chopping down the people in front of me
I pray to the wraith each and every day
And ask him to watch out for each and every Juggalo and Juggalette every day
I give my support to the family each and every day
Because that’s how we do it where I’m from
(Verse 3)
Haters why are you hating just get off of my family’s dick
I swear this is like beating a rug with a stick
You want the hatchet man to die but we will never let it die
Juggalos run this motherfucker and we will never die
Twiztid, blazed, icp, amb, abk, boondox, and the whole psychopathic family will never die
And on my code of honor this is not a lie
Wicked clowns never, never die
But our haters will die each and every time
Because this is how it is where I’m from

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For the haters


Midnite Angel texty

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