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Silent music - text

Silent music
By: Midnite angel
I scream in the night for you to reply
But the answer never comes back to me
Sitting here being driven crazy by the silent music
That is making me want to hurt everything around me
What must I do to bring you back to me before the dark carnival appears
The hatchet that is buried in my chest
Is calling out for you can you feel it pulling you
Back to the place where you truly belong
We juggalo’s never let our homies down
No matter what happens twisted is the flux
And I’m down with the clown when the world
Stops spinning I will enter the carnival of carnage
The silent music is too much for me to bear
I scream in the night for you to come back to me
Cause I love you with everything in my power
In the distance I hear the carnival music start to play
This is a relief for me because this is where all real juggalos
Go to be are true selves when the world stops turning
I am down with the clown until the end of time
If anybody got a problem with it then they can
Lose their nuts cuz I don’t care what people think
Of me as long as they don’t fuck with me then they’re good

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