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Pick up your hatchet - text

Pick up your hatchet
By: Midnite Angel

Come on juggalos and juggalettes
Pick up your hatchet
Swing left
Swing right
Chop that mother fucker in half
Swing high
Swing low
And let that mother fuckers entrails fly
Wait tie them in to a bow tie then let them go

(Verse 1)
Our hatchets can withstand the struggles
That the Dark carnival throws at us each day
And no I’m not just telling you this cause it’s there to say
I’m on this true juggalo shit I’m on that real wicked shit
My life is full of so much pain and bullshit
My brothers just fourteen in the hospital with a collapsed lung
But does that stop my shine hell no but I can truly say it stung
All I can do is pray to Allah and ask the FAM for support
Then go outside and smoke a fucking Newport


(Verse 2)
My hatchet is my only means of survival
Because when I die I wanna go to the Dark carnival
I stay true to the FAM
Because they stay true to me and I just don’t give a damn
I chop through my struggles like they ain’t shit
But if one knocks me down I just get back up and continue chopping the shit
I ride and die for the fam I don’t give a damn what I got to do I will always stay true to this shit
I promise I will find my way to Shangri-La
And I promise I will party with yall


(Verse 3)
I rock the wicked sound that makes the underground shake
The pass three weeks have been a living hell everything before then is considered a piece of cake
The juggalo family is everything to me hell you was the one that helped raise me
I’m still doing time for all the bullshit my wanna be family put off on me
But I’m still swinging my hatchet high holding everyone up off of me
Suppose to be a group home but it feels like the penitentiary
I still scream whoop, whoop to the family because I know yall will always be there for me

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