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Juggalo life - text

Juggalo life
By: Midnite Angel
I chose this life
Because the juggalos
Are my family no matter
What happens we stay true
No matter what
We never let our homies
Or our girls down because
We are down with the clown
Until the end of time
We carry the hatchet
In our hearts forever
I’m proud to be a juggalo
And I let everyone know it
Through my actions
I never back down
I always hold my ground
I always take of my homies
And girls no matter what
I love the juggalo life
I dare some one
To fuck with my
Family or my girls
Cause on code of honor
I will fucking kill your fake ass
It’s just a part of the juggalo life
That I love and will die for

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Juggalo life


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