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By: Midnite Angel
If you’re a juggalo
Scream whoop, whoop
What are the six joker cards
All real wicked clowns know this
Please don’t be fake because we hate posers
I scream whoop, whoop
To all juggalos we run
The four corners of this
Mother fucking earth
Until the end of time
Then we enter the
Carnival of carnage
Cuz that’s where all real
Wicked clowns live when
The earth stops spinning
Juggalos run this
Fucking world we never
Never die we don’t give a fuck
About main stream fake ass bitches
We blow main stream nuggets off all day
We don’t interfere with our homies love life
But we never let our juggalo family down
No matter what fucking happens
Because we are down with the clown
Juggalos are born every second
Of every day
I’m a true fucking juggalo
I don’t give a fuck about
Anything except for the
Juggalo family and my
Girls that I love

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Juggalo life


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