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By: Midnite Angel
Haters talking shit but never had a clue
If they was so open minded then
They would know that Juggalos are true
Fuck with me and I will pluck your eyes out
And turn them in to fucking glue
(Verse 1)
I am so fucking tired of all you haters
I’m about to turn the oven on and fry you like some taters
Juggalos stay true to each other
And that is why mainstream is killing each other
Fake ass mother fuckers can’t stay true to one another
the underground is the truest place to be
Cause we don’t need fame because we have the family
The Juggalo family is the only one that has ever been true to me
(Verse 2)
I will always rock the hatchetman because it’s the truest thing out there
And I am a Juggalo because we are the truest thing out there
Haters are the fakest thing in the world
My hatchet is the fastest thing that can take off your head
And on my code of honor fuck with me and I will leave you for dead
I am a Southeast Juggalo and I don’t give a damn what you want to do
Because believe me I really fucking hate you to
Keep fucking with me and I will do what I have to do
(Verse 3)
I say fuck the haters of the family
And if you want to get to them you have to go through me and my homies
Juggalos will never die and we run the underground like the roadrunners
Fuck Eminem and fuck Marx when you see the family you just turn into some runners
We Juggalos stand our ground until the end you will never see us turn in to some fake mother fuckers
Fuck with the family and you will wear a noose like it’s a neck tie
And you best believe I will make you really fucking die
If you fuck with a Juggalo or Juggalette you must be ready to die

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For the haters


Midnite Angel texty

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