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Family over everything - text

Family over everything
By: Midnite Angel
Family over everything
One love for family the Juggalos and fuck the rest
And anyone who has a problem with it better go lay on their girls chest
Cause I swear if you come fuckin with the FAM or with me I ’ma lay you to rest
This is not a joke and this is not a fuckin test
(Verse 1)
I show mad love for my Juggalo family with my music
All I wanna do is reach out to the FAM and give some advice
And show them how the world is truly fucking sic
None of what I write about is false because if it was
Then how could it be called Juggalo music
I’ve been a Juggalo all my life
And I swear I won’t settle for anything else but a Juggalette as my wife
I scream whoop, whoop to every Juggalo and Juggalette cause we’re family for life
(Chorus) x2
(Verse 2)
I want every Juggalo and Juggalette to stand up as an army
And hold your hatchets up high to be ready to chop off the heads of our haters
And on my code of honor we’re going to do this as a family
The Juggalo family means everything to me yall are the only ones that make me happy
If it wasn’t for the family I wouldn’t be alive
And I know that I will never die because of my music
That runs through the underground will keep me alive
Juggalos and Juggalettes run everything
That’s why its family over everything
(Chorus) x 2
(Verse 3)
Haters want to put the family in the ground
But they will never succeed because they don’t have the power of the underground
The Juggalos will always be around and I’ll be a rida until I’m dead in the ground
Hatchets held up high I swear that’s Juggalo pride
If haters wanna mess with me or the family let them come I swear I’ll put them on a ride
Juggalos and Juggalettes mean everything to me
And I wanna show my love to the family so all can see
It’s family over everything
And if anyone says anything else there just a bitch thing

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