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By: Midnite Angel
What is this mother fucker really trying to do
He used our shit then he turned around and dissed the family to
Fuck Eminem is what I say I will start this shit up and I’ll finish it to
All I want to do is fucking kill you
(Verse 1)
Fuck with the family again and you will have to deal with me
I don’t give a damn what you want to do to us
Just know if you fuck with us you’ll be fucking with an army
My name is Midnite angel and I’m a fucking Juggalo
Keep messing with the family and I’ll let my hatchet swing low
Looking at blood makes me high as hell
And this is not hard as hell to tell and I just want you to die
And on my honor how could this ever be a lie
(Verse 2)
Juggalos everywhere hate you because you fucked with the family
My hunger will not be sated until I kill you and your family
You fucked with mine so now I’m going to fuck with yours
You better stay on point because here comes a fucking army
I wear jet black and sky blue and you must have never had a clue
That you were messing with a Juggalo but I don’t care because I’m still going to kill you
You can never run from a Juggalo we stay high and we stay low
I’ll stay on you until I get to your blood flow
(Verse 3)
Juggalos will be my family until I go
I will always hold my hatchet up high and let the blood flow
I will never let the hate that I have go but I will sure as hell let it grow
I will always be a Juggalo even after I die
And I promise to always let my hatchet fly
The family has done more than I could ask for
And they are the only ones that I will always kill for
Fuck with the Juggalos and you will find your head on the floor

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For the haters


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