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Come on
By: Midnite Angel
Lay down what ever
You are doing and
Enter Midnite Angel’s life
Just be prepared to see
Some crazy ass shit
Welcome to my life
Sit down and enjoy
The ride if you can
Handle it just don’t
Freeze up cause
You’ll get kicked out
I don’t play with fake
Ass people cause I’m on
That real juggalo shit
Fuck main stream
Them fake ass wanna be’s
Scream whoop, whoop if
You are a juggalo I have
My Homies back no
What happens
Come on in and join
My family if you can
Handle our life style
Just remember that
Wicked clowns never
Never die we stay
Around until the end
Of time then we enter
The carnival of carnage
Cause that’s where all
Real juggalos go when
The world stops turning

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Juggalo life


Midnite Angel texty

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