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Metal Machine - text


Chrome construction, a lethal weapon.
Unleash the beast, metal mayhem.

We are the legion of the damned
So strong with power in our hands
In pride we ride the machine

With a thousand horsepower we enter the night
Pedal to the metal, no stop signs in sight
Filled up with nitro, filled up with pride
We raise our fists towards the sky

Feel the thunder
Hear it scream...The roar from the metal machine....

We spread the word, information
Carbonic monoxide domination.

1907 Glenn Curtis's bike reached 220 with an aircraft engine
1935 Malcolm Cambell hit 483 on land
Gary Gabelish was the first to reach a thousand in the rocket powered "Blue
Now's the time to go supersonic, now's the time to unleash hell, Get into the
Metallic groove, get off to the roar of the metal machine....

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Metal Machine

Midnight Sun texty

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