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Keeper of the Gate - text


Far away in a ancient land
A king ruled, with a strong hand.
But evil forces spellbound his knight.
He was bound to lose the fight

From the hellhole a deadly roar.
A wicked beast, rotten to the core
A fight began swords in the air.
Merciless slaughters hate and despair

He's standing tall.
Protecting the good ones before its too late, to take control of the hate.

Keeper of the gate
Keeper of the gate
A guardian angel
Keeper of the gate
Protecting the good ones from hell

The holy knight defeated the beast.
The king proclaimed, welcome to the feast
But in the night near the gates of hell
A brave man was bound to his spell.

Time after time
Protecting the Holy Spirit from pain
Time after time
How many years will he bleed in the rain?

Raise your fist high, high in the sky. He's the keeper......

Keeper of the gate......

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