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Darkness is al around
And evil is everywhere
The shadows hunt you down
And demons call your name
A future warrior
Comes slashing in the cold
Storming the wastelands
He steals your bloody soul
The cry of destiny electrifies your spine
Black chrome is shining down the line
Possessed by the night
You hear the neon lights
You ride like thunder rode
There's power in your blood
Hellbreaker, speeding in the night
Hellbreaker, like a bat in the dark
Hellbreaker, speeding in the night
Hell... Breaker!
Like raven black
A stallion in the dusk
He steals your dark desires
With midnight steel and lust
When midnight strikes
In the cemetery
By the whip of the axe
He'll blazing fury
And I can see the lights
I'm ready, I'm ready to die

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Midnight Steel


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