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They'll be the ones - text

Theyʼll be the ones who try to tell you
Theyʼll be the ones who make you see
Trying to keep you feeling wanted
Tell you to be who you should be.
Theyʼll be the ones who keep you going
Theyʼll be the ones you need youʼll see
Keeping you up when you get down
And keep your head down when it should be.
And some days theyʼll be the ones to make you frown
Tell the truth that others wonʼt to bring you round
Pick your head up just to see exactly who youʼre meant to be
[ The ones we trust to be cruel so I can see /
And show my spinning world in front of me /
The ones we owe for looking out for me]
And when the nights move on from laughter
And when the days turn in to pain
Theyʼll be the ones whoʼll head right over
Listen to you while you complain.
Watching your back when youʼre facing forward
After the heartache is to blame
Pulling you through torment and torture
Getting your head back in the game

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